In a world painted in hurried brush strokes of conformity, Benjamin Arnedo dares to shift focus, harnessing the artistry of contrast and the candid drama of the streets. An Argentine visionary, a polymath of the digital age with a painter's eye and an inventor's imagination, Arnedo's story is an inspiring narrative of persistence, creativity, and the unfailing pursuit of authentic expression.

A creative journey began over two decades ago at the University of the North Saint Thomas Aquinas. There, Arnedo honed his craft as a graphic designer. He launched himself on a trajectory encompassing the diverse landscapes of freelance work, start-up ingenuity, and the alluring world of film and production.

In the wake of this burgeoning design mastery, he carved out a unique role as a freelance designer, his creations resonating in both their tangible aesthetics and their uncanny ability to capture the zeitgeist of the digital era. This would segue into a successful usability and UI consultant stint, crafting digital products that shimmered with international acclaim.

In 2015, Arnedo's journey brought him into the professional sphere of Gupi de Zavalia, a renowned photographer from the northern reaches of Argentina. Their alliance spurred the creation of a film and production company that would become the hallmark of quality imagery and innovative ideas, aligning with the nation's leading event organisers.

New grounds

However, change was on the horizon. The sun-drenched plains of Argentina gave way to Australia's verdant expanses in 2020. Settling in Brisbane, Arnedo dived into the vibrant hospitality industry as a marketing and design consultant. It was a shift that played to his strengths and versatility.

Yet, the creative call couldn't be ignored. 2022 saw him nestled in Canberra's thriving creative scene, initially within a prominent design studio before being snapped up by Dionysus, an influential events and placemaking company. Here, Arnedo seamlessly married his skills in marketing and communications with his passion for event photography. It was his work that immortalized the most significant events of the city.

The journey continues

Through all these avenues, his freelance design work thrives, producing remarkable results for various clients. Yet amidst the hustle of commercial work, Arnedo finds solace in a practice that truly ignites his spirit - street photography. In the unscripted theatre of everyday life, his heart truly beats, capturing the overlooked tales etched on the urban canvas.

A story as multifaceted as the artist himself, Benjamin Arnedo stands as a testament to the power of resilience, diversity, and ceaseless creative exploration, reflecting his skill and unique perspective on the world around him.

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